OGM Shows Dealer List

Africa John: Hand made and drilled beads from natural stones. Necklace ensembles and African art.

Al's Rock & Gem Shop: Jewelry, Rock Specimens.

Al's Rocks & More: Rock Specimens, Beads, Bracelets, Inlaid Belt Buckles.

Beads by K: Beads, Pendants, Fossils, Crystals, Specimens.
Beads & Crafts, Inc.: Jewelry, Findings, Carved Animals.

BriStar: Crystals, Rocks, Over The Shoulder Bottle Holders™.

Camelsmith:   Gem Stones, Rough Gem Stones, Rubies, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Faceted Stones
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Cota's Lapidary: Slabs, Rough, Polished Specimens, Jewelry, Carvings.
CRS Grippers:   Accessories for Slab Saws, Fossils, Rocks, & Jewelry.
Crystal Connections: Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Natural stone hand-made beads. Crystals.
Crystal Lined Pockets: Minerals, Rough, Fossils, Cabs, Jewelry, Faceted Stones.
Custom Gem Design: Lapidary, Jewelry, Rough Rock.
Dagget's Stoneworks: Rough Rock, Crystals, Polished Specimens, Slabs.

DeMaris Rock Products:   Rock, Gems, Fossils, Jewelry, Minerals.

Down Under Dreaming:   Quality Australian Opal Jewelry. Gemstone Jewelry & Gift Items.

Earthly Treasures: Rocks, Minerals, Beads, Fossils, Jewelry.
Earth's Art: Wood, Cabs, Slabs
Fire of the Earth: Designer Jewelry, Amber Jewelry, Butter Fly Wings, Gemstones & Rock.

Gem Brite Lapidary: Spheres, Polished Specimens, Rough Rock, Jewelry, Crystals, Fossils.

Gem Cane:   Jewelry, Gemstones, & Canes.

Gemstone Station Corp.: Freshwater Pearls, Stone Beads.
Grand Products Co.: Lovely beads of all colors and minerals.

Granit Mountain Nature Gallery:   Fossils, Minerals, Spheres, Marble Bowls & Vases, Jewelry.

Heins Creative Lathwork: Stone Pens & Bottle Stoppers.
Hole in The Wall Beads: Beads & Jewelry.

Jade Kingdom Creations: Jade, Gemstones, Glass, Silver Jewelry, Gifts.

John Cline: Turquoise Jewelry, Rough, Cabs, Silversmith.

John Rock's & Sue Wraps: Tumbled rocks worked into jewelry. Slabs, Gyrog Tumblers.
K & D Enterprises: Gems, Jewelry, Fossils.

KT's Treasure Chest:   Beautiful Silver, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, lovely hand crafted beaded jewelry.

Larry Wittington: Rock, Polished Kids Rocks.
Lebanon Lapidary: Beads from all-over the world. Findings, Polished Specimens, Beads, Petrified Wood
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Lost Viking Lapidary: Slabs, Cabs & More.
Martell & Martell: Used Equipment, Rocks, Slabs, Lapidary & More.
Michel's Rock Picks: Rocks, Beads, Meteorites & Jewelry.

Misty Mountain: Gems, Minerals, Jewelry, Copper Art Carvings.

Mostly Twisted: Rocks, Gems, Minerals, Jewelry.

Mystery Gallery: Rocks, Minerals & Gemstone Jewelry.

N I N Enterprises LLC.: Handcrafted Jewelry, Cabs.

Nordstrom Rocks: Rough Rock, Tumbled Stones, Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Equipment.

Opal Guy: Opals, Gems Rough.

Oregon Gemstone Creations: Sterling Silver Jewelry using Precious and Semiprecious Gemstones, Faceted Oregon Sunstones.

Ralph's Rocks: Rough Rocks, Slabs, Finished Material, Equipment.

Ram Rock Supplies: General Lapidary Supplies, Findings, Lapidary Books, Silver & Gold Filled Wire.

Ray Rhodes: Crystals, Jewelry.
Regie's Rock: Slabs, Rough, Shells, Etc.
Risky Beadness:   Natural Stone Jewelry.

Rockin "R" Enterprises: Petrified Wood.

Rocks 4 Life: Finished Rock, Rough Rock & Gemstones Jewelry.

Rod's Raps:   Wire Wrapped Stone Jewelry.

RRR Gems & More:   Oregon Sunstones Rough. Faceted, & Jewelry - (360) 260-5552.

Set In Stone Designs: Rough Rock, Slabs, Cabs, Jewelry, Minerals.

Stone Tools: Obsidian Knifes (with or without stands), Arrowhead Necklaces.

Sunstones & Such: Sunstones - rough, faceted, carved. Jewelry, Gem Stones.
Susie Moon's: Sterling Silver Jewelry, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Chain.
Takashimo Evergreen Gems: Hand made 1-of-a-kind sterling silver pendants. Carvings.

The 3rd Rock: Geode Cracking, Minerals, Fossils.

The Jade Kingdom: Beads of many colors and minerals. Jade Jewelry & Gift Items.
The Rockhounding Fool: Polished Specimens, Crystals, Wind Chimes, Rough Rock.
The Stones: Rock, Cabs, Jewelry.
The Stone Works: Polished Specimens, Crystals, Slabs, Rough Rock.
The World's Fossils and Minerals: Fossils, Minerals, Crystals, Rock.

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